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Lord of the Flies Chapter Summaries free essay sample

Piggy finds a conch shell and tells Ralph the best way to blow it. The sound of the shell assembles the young men for congregations and to examine significant issues. At every get together, the kid holding the conch is the just one permitted to talk. At the get together, Jack, Simon, and Ralph choose to investigate the island. They validate their intuitions that they are on an island. Towards the finish of section one, the three travelers locate a caught pig. Which Jack can't get and the pig escapes. Significant statement: â€Å"I dont care what [you] call me as long as [its not] what they used to call me in school They used to call me Piggy! Investigation: Said by Piggy, this statement uncovers his despondent past, where he was harassed in view of his plump, â€Å"nerdy† appearance. Expectations: There will be a breakout of tumult later in the story. The island is a remote spot that has numerous obscure elements, while the young men are not under adult’s management. These young men are youthful and unpracticed. Truth be told they could be in the phase of immaturity, the time of insubordinate hormones, so they could be very careless and will in general battle for consideration. Especially some may have a more grounded propensity to go after initiative, as for this situation with Ralph and Jack. Associations: This book helps me to remember government funded schools in Vietnam, where understudies judge their friends base on societal position and appearance, everyone has a place with various posses. They all have pioneers like Ralph, yet in addition the tormented ones like Piggy. Settings in Lord of The Flies could likewise be identified with other endurance books like Robinson Crusoe where the fundamental characters are disconnected out in the wild. Assessment: This part gives the perusers an excellent in general presentation of characters and settings. The writer utilizes a catch, to make the crowd needing to peruse further more to perceive what will befall the young men and their destiny. Representation: I imagined the island with sandy and rough sea shores, dispersed with coconut trees. Where the young men meet straightforward sea green/blue scar, to the point that you can see the weed and the coral flickering under the daylight. The spot is greatly green, wherever trees and their own creepers, there and afterward a spoiled trunk laying sideways on the grass. Question: Where is the young men going to in a World War? What's more, what are they doing on the Pacific? 5 new jargon words: Solemn: honorable and dismal in way or character and focused on keeping guarantees * the appointed authority was serious as he articulated sentence Hasten: to move about or continue hastily * so unnerved by the unprecedented ebbing of the ocean that they hurried to higher ground Lagoon: little salt lake close by the ocean * tidal ponds are utilized by local people to gather salt Conch: a sort shell * sound could create by blowing to the conch Emboss: brought up in a help * she just got some fine and embellished calfskin Chapter 2: The three young men (Ralph, Jack and Simon) come back from their investigation and call a get together. One of the little ones notices a snake thing, a beastie, which sends dread all through the gathering. They banter its reality and decided the little ones were having bad dreams. Ralph chooses they have to make a fire on the mountain as a salvage signal. They use Piggys glasses to light the fire. The fire seethes crazy. One of the little one bites the dust in the fire (an extravagant word for enormous fire). Piggy and Jack contend. Significant statement: Weve got the opportunity to have administers and obey them. All things considered, were not savages. Were English, and the English are best at everything†. Investigation: This statement shows the young men are still vigorously affected by progress (England for this situation), and not yet ruined by the viciousness of human instinct. Expectations: It is referenced a few times in the story that Ralph’s father is a Navy leader. He may know where the young men are and salvage them. Furthermore, clearly the young men will confront a great deal of difficulties on the island, attempting to endure. Just currently did the young men acknowledge they don’t realize how to make the fire. Prior to that, they don’t truly care and simply hurry to building the fire right away. Associations: Evaluation: Visualization: Question: 5 new jargon words: Smirking: a grin communicating pomposity or disdain rather than joy * He’s continually smiling Tugging: an unexpected sudden force He’s pulling an amazingly substantial article Silhouette: a diagram of a strong item (as cast by its shadow) * Silhouette is the most significant part of shadow play Ebullience: flooding with energetic delight or endorsement * He shouts for all to hear in vivacity Hush: become calm or still; fall quiet * Hush my infant! Par t 3: Jack is fixated on chasing pigs despite the fact that he still can't seem to get one. Ralph and Simon deal with the havens for the gathering. Every other person plays and make the most of their time on the sea shore. Jack has gotten savage as he continued looking for blood, trails a pig through the thick wilderness, yet it dodges him. Ralph and Jack contend, on the grounds that their gathering have incapable to achieve their assignments (chasing and constructing cover). Simon strays, enables the little ones to get natural product, and proceeds to a detached area. Significant statement: â€Å"There’s something else. We can assist them with finding us. In the event that a boat draws close to the island they may not see us. So we should make smoke on the mountain. We should make a fire. Investigation: The young men are completely mindful of their circumstance and searching for a reasonable arrangement. They should be saved as quickly as time permits Predictions: They will have issues getting the fire to work, since they are kids. In the long run, the fire would wear out eventually, by absence of support. Associations: This part is by one way or another identified with LOST the TV arrangement, the scene where survivors partition their undertakings, chasing and constructing covers. Assessment: Visualization: This part gives us a closer view towards Jack, Ralph and Simon. In the event that I am to connect them with a shading, Ralph will be yellow, with his reasonable hair, brilliant smile and genial cleverness, like the component of light. Jack will be red with his red-earthy colored hair, incensed eyes and hot temper, image for fire. Simon will be green with his tenderness and serenity. Question: 5 new jargon words: Incredulous: not arranged or ready to think; unbelieving * She distrustfully dismiss his goals for the future Glisten: the nature of sparkling with a splendid reflected light * Her eyes were shimmering Vicissitudes: changeability throughout everyday life or nature (particularly progressive variation starting with one condition then onto the next) * the task was dependent upon the standard changes of exploratory examination Inscrutable: of a dark of nature * the enigmatic operations of Providence, in its secretive past it incorporates all the diminish inceptions of life Section 4: Roger and Maurice menace the little ones on the sea shore. They are still, in any case, kept down by rules they learned in progress. Jack paints his face for chasing. His cover frees him from the standards of human advancement. He drives the young men on a chasing campaign. As Jack and the trackers are out, a boat cruises by. Ralph understands the trackers have released the fire out. He races to the top, however can't light it in time. Jack and the trackers come back with a pig. Ralph accuses the Jack and the trackers for allowing the fire to fire, and starts a contention. Jack says nothing until Piggy continues censuring him for the fire, he at that point continues punching Piggy unwittingly. One of Piggys focal points from his glasses breaks. The young men later meal the pig and have a dining experience. Simon gives his grace towards Piggy, by giving his food to him, yet Jack takes it and furiously toss it back to Simon. Significant statement: Roger assembled a bunch of stones and started to toss them. However there was a space round Henry, maybe six yards in measurement, into which he dare not toss. Here, undetectable yet solid, was the untouchable of the old life. Round the hunching down kid was the assurance of guardians and school and cops and the law. Investigation amp; Prediction: This entry from Chapter 4 portrays the beginnings of Roger’s mercilessness to the little ones, a significant early advance in the group’s decay into viciousness. Now in the novel, the young men are as yet fabricating their human advancement, and the acculturated nature despite everything commands the savage intuition. The breaks are starting to appear, be that as it may, especially in the ability of a portion of the more established young men to utilize physical power and savagery to give themselves a feeling of predominance over the littler young men Connections: Jack’s likeness with Hitler is getting progressively self-evident. Jack orders his own reliable gathering, as Hitler’s party, the Nazi. Them two have their own objective, Piggy for Jack and the Jews for Hitler. Being an officer in WWII, Golding likely could have caught wind of Emil Maurice, Hitler’s individual protector and one of the SS originators. It leaves the perusers pondering whether it is a happenstance with Maurice, Jack’s ensemble kid. Assessment: I like this section since it at last has some extraordinary warmth and circumstances going on. The past sections are a greater amount of the young men becoming more acquainted with themselves and the island. Representation: Of the image in my mind, the trackers seem to be comparable antiquated chasing clans. The two of them worn veils, employed lances, had long hair and sang drones. Early trackers even drew brutes all over their bodies, wanting to drive off different monsters. Moreover, the cover has brought down their proprietor, in any event in appearance, to a similar degree of that of creatures. As it were, we can say that wearing a veil of Jack’s ancestral structure is the kid actually rejecting their others conscious appearance. Question: Why is this island, just has green trees, winged animals and pigs? There ought to be different animals too, for example, wolfs. 5 new jargon words: Obscure: not unmistakably comprehended or communicated * The stars are darkened by the mists Corpse: the dead body of a creature, particularly one butchered for food * The ch

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Bom Paper

Understudy IDENTIFICATION NO MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY SECOND TRIMESTER FINAL EXAMINATION, 2009/2010 SESSION BOM 2O64 †QUALITY AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT (All Sections/Groups) DECEMBER 2009 a. m. †a. m. (2 Hours) INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENT 1. This Question paper comprises of 9 pages with TWO SECTIONS. 2. Endeavor ALL inquiries in Section An and B. The imprints for each question are given. 3. Answer Section An in the OMR Form gave, and answer Section B in the Answer Booklet gave. BOM 2064 QUALITY AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT DECEMBER 2009 SECTION An Answer ALL inquiries in this area. 40 Marks) 1. Assembling work sent to different nations is called: __________________. A) scaled down B) redistributed C) internationalization D) vertical coordination E) pioneering transport 2. Creation frameworks with modified yields regularly have generally: ____________. A) high volumes of yield B) low unit costs C) high measure of specific gear D) quick work development E) gifted laborers 3. Which of c oming up next isn't stressed in a lean creation framework? A) falling costs B) excellent C) specialist association D) consistent improvement E) consumer loyalty 4.Which of coming up next isn't an advantage of utilizing models in dynamic? A) They give a normalized arrangement to breaking down an issue. B) They fill in as a predictable instrument for assessment. C) They are anything but difficult to utilize and more affordable than managing the real circumstance. D) All of the above are benefits. E) None of the above is an advantage. 5. Which of coming up next isn't a progressing pattern in assembling rivalry? A) globalization B) quality improvement C) adaptability and readiness D) large scale manufacturing for economies of scale E) mechanical advances . Item structure and decision of area are instances of ______________ choices. A) vital B) strategic C) operational D) client centered E) plan Continued†¦ TPK page 1 of 9 BOM 2064 QUALITY AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT DECEMBER 2009 7. A profitability increment in one activity that doesn’t improve by and large efficiency of the business isn’t:__________________. A) viable B) proficient C) politically legitimized D) gainful E) monetarily supported 8. Which of coming up next is valid? A) Corporate system is formed by useful strategies.B) Corporate crucial molded by corporate technique. C) Functional methodologies are molded by corporate technique. D) External conditions are molded by corporate crucial. E) Corporate crucial molded by useful procedures. 9. The outer components of SWOT examination are: ___________________. A) qualities and shortcomings B) qualities and dangers C) openings and dangers D) shortcomings and openings E) qualities and openings 10. For an association to develop their piece of the overall industry, they should: _______________.A) promote utilizing multi-media B) bring down their costs C) fulfill least guidelines of agreeableness for their items or administrations D) set up a web site E) widen their statement of purpose 11. An impediment of worldwide groups for item configuration is that:_______________. A) Customers may have various needs in various nations B) The item structured may have expanded attractiveness and utility C) The assorted variety of a worldwide group might be an inconvenience D) Ease of eye to eye gatherings is missing since individuals are found wherever E) Technology permits consistent contact with colleagues 12. One stage that isn’t part of administration lueprinting is: _______________. An) Eliminate limits for the administration and settle fair and square of association required B) Identify and decide the grouping of client and administration activities and cooperations C) Develop time gauges for each period of the procedure D) Understand the time inconstancy included E) Identify potential disappointment focuses and build up an arrangement to limit them Continued†¦ TPK page 2 of 9 BOM 2064 QUALITY AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT DECEMBER 2009 13. The way toward destroying and assessing a contender's new or overhauled item to gather structure thoughts is called: ____________________.A) plan by impersonation B) item investigation C) figuring out D) benchmarking E) dismantling 14. Which of coming up next is an issue that planners must consider in item and administration structure? A) legitimate, natural, and moral issues B) dependability C) normalization D) scope of working conditions E) the entirety of the over 15. A conventional method to record client prerequisites is: __________________. A) purchaser reviews B) quality capacity organization (QFD) C) center gatherings D) Delphi method E) deals/advertising framework 16. Which of coming up next isn't an objective of gracefully chain management?A) less providers and long haul relationship B) little part estimates C) on time conveyances D) least conceivable transportation costs E) conveyance frequently to the spot of utilization 17. Seller investigation has th e best potential for reserve funds for things which have: ____________________. A) minimal effort per unit B) low yearly cost-volume C) significant expense per unit D) high yearly use E) high yearly cost-volume Continued†¦ TPK page 3 of 9 BOM 2064 QUALITY AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT DECEMBER 2009 18. Which of coming up next isn't valid for merchant investigation? An) It includes an assessment of the capacity of bought parts or crude materials.B) Its motivation is to diminish costs as well as improve execution of bought merchandise or administrations. C) It is typically performed just occasionally. D) Representatives from plan and tasks may work with buying. E) If upgrades are distinguished, buying executes those that buying concurs are defended. 19. Which of the accompanying would not as a rule be a principle factor in choosing a merchant? An) area B) value C) quality D) stock turnover E) merchant administrations 20. Which of coming up next is a piece of the buying cycle? (I) Pur chasing chooses a provider. II) Orders from sellers are gotten. (III) Purchasing gets an order. A) B) C) D) E) II and III I, II, and III I just I and II I and III 21. A tasks procedure for stock administration should move in the direction of: _________. An) expanding part estimates B) diminishing parcel sizes C) expanding wellbeing stocks D) diminishing assistance levels E) expanding request amounts 22. Which one of coming up next isn't commonly a determinant of the reorder point? A) pace of interest B) length of lead time C) lead time changeability D) stockout chance E) buy costContinued†¦ TPK page 4 of 9 BOM 2064 QUALITY AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT DECEMBER 2009 23. The fixed request interim model would be well on the way to be utilized for this circumstance: An) An organization has changed from large scale manufacturing to lean creation. B) Production is done in groups. C) Spare parts are requested when another machine is bought. D) Grouping requests can spare transportation c osts. E) none of these 24. The entirety of coming up next are potential explanations behind utilizing the fixed request interim model with the exception of: ___________________. A) Supplier arrangement energizes use.B) Grouping requests can spare in transportation costs. C) The necessary wellbeing stock is lower than with an EOQ/ROP model. D) It is fit to occasional checks of stock levels as opposed to ceaseless observing. E) Continuous observing isn't commonsense. 25. The requirement for security stocks can be diminished by an activities technique which: An) expands lead time B) builds lead time inconstancy C) builds part measures D) diminishes requesting costs E) diminishes lead time fluctuation 26. The far reaching approach utilized in JIT frameworks to manage quality incorporates: ________________.A) planning quality into items and procedures B) demanding merchants give great materials C) making laborers answerable for delivering top notch D) A, B and C E) 100% investigation of crude materials, work-in-process and completed products 27. Which of coming up next isn't an advantage of little part measures in JIT frameworks? An) In-process stock is extensively less. B) Each item is delivered less much of the time. C) Carrying costs are diminished. D) There is less mess in the work environment. E) Inspection and improve costs are less. Continued†¦ TPK page 5 of 9 BOM 2064 QUALITY AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT DECEMBER 2009 28.Which of coming up next isn't normal for preventive support in JIT frameworks? A) keeping up hardware in great working condition B) supplanting parts when they are worn yet before they bomb C) laborers keeping up their own gear D) killing supplies of extra parts to lessen capital venture E) seeing breakdowns as an open door for development 29. The Kaizen Philosophy applies to: _______________. An) Employee advancement B) Safety stock C) Waste D) Supply Chain Management E) MRP III 30. An activities methodology toward the JIT theory of crea tion ought to perceive that JIT: __________________.A) is generally appropriate for non-tedious assembling B) can't be executed successively C) requires a discount duty from the beginning D) may give an upper hand E) the entirety of the above SECTION B Essay and Calculation Questions: Answer ALL THREE inquiries. (60 Marks) QUESTION 1 The senior supervisor of a structure materials creation plant feels that the interest for plasterboard shipments might be identified with the quantity of development licenses gave in the nation during the past quarter. The chief has gathered the information appeared in Table 1. 1. a) Review the disperse chart (Figure 1. ) to see whether the information can be acceptably portrayed by a straight condition. b) Determine the direct relapse condition for the information [2 marks] [15 marks] c) Determine a point gauge for plasterboard shipments when the quantity of development grants is 30. [3 marks] [Total Marks = 20] Continued†¦ TPK page 6 of 9 BOM 206 4 QUALITY AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT DECEMBER 2009 Table 1. 1 Construction Permits (X) 15 9 40 20 25 15 35 Plasterboard Shipments (Y) Shipments Y 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 10 20 30 40 50 Permits X 6 4 16 6 13 9 10 16 igure 1. 1 QUESTION 2 a) What are the standards basic TQM

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Blog Archive Mission Admission Details Matter, But

Blog Archive Mission Admission Details Matter, But… Mission Admission is a series of MBA admission tips; a new one is posted each Tuesday. As MBA admissions consultants, we know firsthand the intense pressure business school candidates feel, and we sometimes wish we could convince you that small points are really just thatâ€"small points. We get asked, “Should this be a comma or a semicolon?” and want to respond, “Please trust us that the admissions committee will not say, ‘Oh, I would have accepted this applicant if she had used a comma here, but she chose a semicolon, so DING!’” That said, we are certainly not telling you to ignore the small things; Details matter â€" the overall impression your application makes will depend in part on your attention to typos, font consistency, and grammar, for example â€" but we are encouraging you to make smart and reasonable decisions and move on. You can be confident that your judgment on such topics will likely be sufficient. Share ThisTweet Mission Admission Blog Archive Mission Admission Details Matter, But… Mission Admission is a series of MBA admission tips; a new one is posted each Tuesday. As MBA admissions consultants, we know firsthand the intense pressure business school candidates feel, and we sometimes wish we could convince you that small points are really just … small points. We get asked, “Should this be a comma or a semicolon?” and want to respond, “Please trust us that the admissions committee will not say, ‘Oh, I would have accepted this applicant if she had used a comma here, but she chose a semicolon, so DING!’” That said, we are certainly not telling you to ignore the small thingsâ€"the overall impression your application makes will depend in part on your attention to typos, font consistency, and grammar, for exampleâ€"but we are encouraging you to make smart and reasonable decisions and move on. You can be confident that your judgment on such topics will likely be sufficient. Share ThisTweet Mission Admission Blog Archive Mission Admission Details Matter, But… Mission Admission is a series of MBA admission tips; a new one is posted each Tuesday. As MBA admissions consultants, we know firsthand the intense pressure business school candidates feel, and we sometimes wish we could convince you that small points are really just thatâ€"small points. We get asked, “Should this be a comma or a semicolon?” and want to respond, “Please trust us that the admissions committee will not say, ‘Oh, I would have accepted this applicant if she had used a comma here, but she chose a semicolon, so DING!’” That said, we are certainly not telling you to ignore the small things. Details matterâ€"the overall impression your application makes will depend in part on your attention to typos, font consistency, and grammar, for exampleâ€"but we encourage you to make smart and reasonable decisions and move on. You can be confident that your judgment on such topics will likely be sufficient. Share ThisTweet Mission Admission

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Essay On Freedom Riders - 738 Words

The Freedom Riders were remarkable, fearless Americans. They were extraordinary, ordinary people . . . young people who took the reins of history and wouldnt let go.† -Mark Samels, American Experience Executive Producer. This documentary showed a very dark time of American history, but in the dark is where the heroes come along. The people who took a stand and took part in the Freedom Rider is truly brave, and fearless, they are the people who made the America. Originally the Freedom Riders started with 13 African-American and white civil rights activists, who were recruited by the Congress of Racial Equality, departed from Washington, D.C., and attempted to integrate facilities at bus terminals along the way into the Deep South.†¦show more content†¦I knew about the movement in my American History class but this help opens up my eye and have a better knowledge about the whole movement and lead to a more personal narrative with all the people who actually involved in this movement. It is hard to wrap my head around the fact that riding the bus can get one hurt and killed and how non-volient acts can lead to so much hate and violence. The Freedom Rides help bring attention to national level. The level of violence is extreme in response to a non-violent movement. The white supremacy was trying its best to make the colored population inferior. The segregation is a symbol of fear and hate. The press and television is a big part in the success of the movement. They help shape the public opinion toward segregation. The media brought the problem to our attention through dramatic and often disturbing photos and reports. While accounts of the Freedom Rides in the white Southern press remained sharply negative and mocking, national media coverage became more favorable in the days that followed. Jim Peck gave an interview on NBCs Today Show. The June 2, 1961, issue of Time magazine featured the Freedom Rides as its cover story and was openly sympathetic in its coverage. Life magazine also chose the Freedom Riders as its story of the week for the June 2 issue, including powerful images from the siege of the First Baptist Church. (The Power of the Press) As the end, the Freedom Riders was a success. Mississippi and aShow MoreRelatedThe Freedom Riders Essay1553 Words   |  7 PagesSouth. At this time, segregation was legal. In 1892, the Supreme Court had ruled that a state could separate whites and blacks as long as the services were equal. On May 4, 1961, a diverse group of thirteen courageous individuals known as the Freedom Riders embarked on a bus journey into the South in order to challenge segregation in bus terminals. Although many individuals believed that segregation was wrong, many southern states continued to practice racial segregation. Racial segregation isRead MoreEssay on Freedom Riders1426 Words   |  6 PagesThe Freedom Riders were a group of college students and leaders of various racial equality organizations, both blacks and whites, which tested the law of integration for public transportation. The law was instated, but Alabama especially didn’t follow it. The Freedom Riders rode buses into the cities to see if the townspeople accepted or declined the new law. They in turn ended up beating, pummeling, and chasing the riders out of town with the white mobs. The Freedom Riders violently fought the segregationRead MoreThe Freedom Riders Essay1090 Words   |  5 PagesThe Freedom Riders were a group of around 13 people. Most of them were African Americans but there were always a few white skinned people in the group as well. There was no set leader for the Freedom Riders. The Freedom Riders rode interstate buses into the Southern United States. The south was referred to as the most segregated part of the U.S. The main goal of the Freedom Riders was to desegregate and become â€Å"separate but equal.† They had also set out to defy the Jim Crow Laws. The Freedom RidersRead MoreEssay about Freedom Riders1575 Words   |  7 Pages Freedom Riders â€Å"Freedom Riders† were a group of people, both black and white, who were civil rights activists from the North who â€Å"meant to demonstrate that segregated travel on interstate buses, even though banned by an I.C.C. Ruling, were still being enforced throughout much of the South† (The South 16). The Riders attempted to prove this by having a dozen or so white and black Freedom Riders board buses in the North and travel through Southern cities. This was all â€Å"a coldly calculated attemptRead MoreThe Australian and American Freedom Rides Essay675 Words   |  3 PagesAustralian and American Freedom Rides This essay briefly discusses the similarities and differences of the ‘Australian and American Freedom Rides’ history. Throughout the essay, there is a discussion on what the reasons were for the protest of the Freedom Rides. It also points out the duration of the protest and the major locations where they were held. The essay also shows the different reactions to the protest and the influential behaviour it results in. The American Freedom Rides were motivatedRead MoreThe Freedom Riders : Jim Zwerg849 Words   |  4 PagesMay 2011 40 students from different parts of the United States joined the original freedom riders : Jim Zwerg, Who was considered a traitor to his race for participating in the non-violence movements, Ernest â€Å"Rip† Patton, he joined the movement two days after the First Baptist Church of Montgomery was attacked by the mobs on May 21, Helen and Bob Singleton and Joan Mulholland that at the time that she joined the freedom rides in June of 1961 was working at the office of a California Senator; in Re-livingRead MoreThe Freedom Rides By Andrew Williams1180 Words   |  5 PagesFreedom Rides Essay History Andrew Williams There were contentions both for and against the Freedom Rides in 1965. In spite of the fact that it profited and indefinitely supported and raised awareness to the aboriginal races inequality, it was still a questionable act that produced both approval and criticism from the Australian Public. I used a newspaper article, a photograph and a legal document to argue the significant contribution of the freedom rides to the equality of the indigenous populationRead MoreWestern Pleasure vs Hunter Jumpers785 Words   |  4 PagesNikki Yager Mrs. Yates English II 3 October 2010 English Essay â€Å"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.† -Winston Churchill. Horses not only inspire their riders, but also the spectators. The art of equestrian is generally disregarded as a competitive sport. Being a rider not only takes raw talent but also devotion, skill, concentration, knowledge, and strength. With a variety of riding styles, it’s difficult to express which one is superior toRead MoreA Raisin In The Sun Film Analysis1544 Words   |  7 Pages In this essay, I will discuss the political context and the common themes of two films, A Raisin in the Sun and Nothing But a Man. Both of these works take place during the Civil Rights Movement and explore social issues such as racism, gender, and class. A Raisin in the Sun tells the story of an African-American family’s struggle with racism and poverty on their quest for the American Dream. This film addresses many of the societal and political issues of this era. DuringRead MoreMartin Luther King’s Policy of Peaceful Protest Essay1337 Words   |  6 Pagesused 1/5 of their time to broadcast on it. Other campaigns that where peaceful and effective which were set up or supported by king include The Selma campaign, Montgomery Bus Boycott, the march on Washington, the Birmingham campaign, king supported freedom rides. Some campaigns failed through peaceful protest such as the Albany movement as Laurie Pritchett stopped media attention by treating the protestors with respect. Kings policy of peaceful protest wasn’t the only reason for the successes of the

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Modern Day Attacks Against Firewalls and Vpns - 2434 Words

Modern Day Attacks Against Firewalls and Virtual Private Networks Electronic technology is growing at a rapid rate; more devices are made mobile and wireless, but with those improvement and developments come flaws and malicious opportunities. Cyber attacks are on the rise and no system or device is immune. Many organizations employ multiple layers of firewalls but that doesn’t completely eliminate the threat. Attacks against firewalls and virtual private networks or VPNs are constantly being exploited with new methods everyday, but they are yet another obstacle that a cyber criminal must overcome. First let’s discuss what a firewall is and what a firewall is capable of doing. Firewall applications are†¦show more content†¦Unfortunately, many firewalls come with so many rules or policies that they can counteract the security desired and create loopholes for network threats or actually block traffic that is desired or requested by the user. These issues make it really important to understand how all rules and policies in the fi rewall work and how to apply them. Another tool often used for secure reasons and also as a reliable method to share information remotely is called a Virtual Private Network or VPN. Henry describes A VPN as â€Å"a group of computers (or discrete networks) networked together over a public network—namely, the internet† (para 3, 2012). Basically, it’s a private network created to allow remote access through a public network. Most often you will see that employees on airplanes or in a public place that will require and utilize these VPNs to access their business resources for all kinds of information, but some people just use it as a means to use their network without physically compromising the actual systems. A good VPN can provide many functions such as access anywhere worldwide without dedicated lines, data security, remote access to business resources and better employee production. For these VPNs to perform these functions properly they are required to provid e reliability by ensuring that the network does not break down before reaching its max capacity, scalability to ensure the ability to expand as business grows, and ofShow MoreRelatedDefining Firewalls And Vpns. What Is A Firewall And How Does It Work?1875 Words   |  8 Pages Defining Firewalls and VPNs What is a firewall and how does it work? Many internet users are concerned about internet safety. A way to combat potential security breaches is to use a firewall. A firewall can be a hardware device or a program and it is used to filter any information that comes through any internet connection to your private network or computer system. Harmful information can be flagged by the firewall program and not be allowed to continue through. Firewalls use up to three differentRead MoreNetwork Security : A Security Platform For Users, Programs, And Computer Networks1667 Words   |  7 Pagesauthentication and authorization to access of data which is controlled by the network administrator. Network Security protect computer systems from unwanted intrusion such as malware, viruses, Trojans and so on. INTRODUCTION Having the knowledge of how attacks are executed we can better known to protect ourselves while network security also knows how to protect the devices from malware, viruses, Trojan horses and so on. Network Security is a new and fast moving Technology and still being defined and mostRead MoreResearch Paper On Five Ways To Ensure Social Media Safety1044 Words   |  5 Pagesless mindful of strangers and we sometimes feel invincible online. However, the level of connectivity offered by social media is quickly growing into our undoing. We are now more vulnerable than ever and this is a risk we cannot afford to take in this day and age when everyone with the know-how can hack into our accounts for their selfish benefits. With the increase in cybersecurity threats, and in this case, social media threats, it is important that we plug the holes and find ways to guarantee ourRead MoreContemporary Information Security Systems And Computer Systems1519 Words   |  7 Pages(Mamaghani, 2002). In modern day operating systems, viruses feed off worm-like infections throughout the systems through attacks and system file modification allowing back-door access. Some of the most common ones include â€Å"trojan horse†. This allows the infected computer to be monitored and controlled remotely. To help prevent / combat these threats, antivirus programs have been developed which help identify some of the most common infection systems and help guard the system against them. While thereRead MoreApplication And Device / Hardware Level1400 Words   |  6 Pagessecurity for IoT needs to be proactive and not reactive, preventive and not remedial. It is important that we bake in the security into IoT platforms right from the ground up instead of doing it in piecemeal way as was the case with evolution of modern day operating systems or internet revolution. Future IoT initiative shall have security shall be holistically implemented at network, application and device/hardware level. We should definitely leverage wide knowledge base and research investments weRead MorePhysical Security Management ( Mohamed )1790 Words   |  8 Pagespermissions of computers usage (International Business, 2012). Ultimately, online businesses should prioritize the regular maintenance of their servers and hardware just as much, if not more than, traditional businesses because in essence the assets and day to day operations are performed solely through the servers and technologies that are given that task. The sheer amount of information being transmitted and processed for an online business should cause the head of the business to ensure the physical securityRead MoreSmartphone s And Social Networking2981 Words   |  12 Pagesspeeds between 5 megabits and 8 megabits per second. While 4G LTE is considerably much faster than 4G alone, 4G LTE uses (Multiple Input Multiple Output) MIMO technology. MIMO utilizes a multipath signal propagation that is present in all of today modern communications. The transmitter and receiver already have more than one antenna and use the processing power at either end of the link. Using these different paths between these two entities provides data rate of signa l to noise improvement over 4GRead MoreHistory of Firewall18739 Words   |  75 PagesA History and Survey of Network Firewalls KENNETH INGHAM Kenneth Ingham Consulting and STEPHANIE FORREST University of New Mexico Firewalls are network devices which enforce an organization’s security policy. Since their development, various methods have been used to implement ï ¬ rewalls. These methods ï ¬ lter network traï ¬Æ'c at one or more of the seven layers of the ISO network model, most commonly at the application, transport, and network, and data-link levels. In addition, researchers have developedRead MoreThe Security Of An Organization s Computer Networks1832 Words   |  8 Pages The security of an organization’s computer networks play a critical role in modern computer systems. In order to have high protection levels against malicious attacks, a number of software tools have been developed. Intrusion Detection Systems have recently become an important research topic due to its capability of detecting and preventing attacks from malicious network users. Security incidents are increasing at an incredible rate every year. As the complexity of the threats increase, so doRead MoreRed Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Security Guide50668 Words   |  203 PagesPhone: +1 919 754 3700 Phone: 888 733 4281 Fax: +1 919 754 3701 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Security Guide 3 Abstract T his book assists users and administrators in learning the processes and practices of securing workstations and servers against local and remote intrusion, exploitation and malicious activity. Focused on Red Hat Enterprise Linux but detailing concepts and techniques valid for all Linux systems, this guide details the planning and the tools involved in creating a secured computing

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I am an executive of XYZ, Inc., a well-known company in...

I am an executive of XYZ, Inc., a well-known company in United States for its luxury watches, jewellery and handbags. There are 22 retail outlets in whole of United States. Achieving great success in the United States the company has decided to expand their business and open their retail outlets in different countries. To start off with the company has decided to open their first international store at Shanghai, China. Then after a year of time the company has decided to open stores even in Brazil, Russia, India and China. For the short time change I as an executive will study the market of Shanghai. As my company deals in luxury goods which are quite expensive I would target the customers who are rich and uses such product on daily†¦show more content†¦For next venture I would ask my employees to visit the targeted countries, i.e., Brazil, Russia, India and China to study the market there. I would even ask them to find out the perfect areas to do marketing campaign and open the shop. I would ask the manager to open up new production unit to produce more product for selling in the new countries. I would ask my Human resource team to hire new employees and even sent the manpower to the targeted countries so as to take over the stores there. I will ask finance department to gather money from different sources at a earliest. I would even try not to repeat the mistakes done in my previous venture at Shanghai and try to use the concepts which were successful there. I would take up corporate social responsibilities so as to make the hype for my product. I would try to give my products to the film producers for free to showcase my products in the film so as to get more customers. I would first try to cover up different states in china as my product was quite a hit at Shanghai and it would be easier for me to sell my product in the same country. I would ask my manager to bring up new ideas for promoting the product and attract more customers. I would even ask them to develop some new products and hire some local employees so as to handle the customers better and understands their needs. Having done with the promotional activities I wouldShow MoreRelatedTaking a Look at Mine Warfare1217 Words   |  5 PagesMine warfare is the strategic, operational, and tactical use of sea mines and the countermeasures to defeat them. These weapons are so dangerous and efficient which is why foreign navies and even terrorist possess these weapons. The history of these weapons goes back to 1776; a year after our nation’s Navy was born. A man named David Bushnell created a mine that was composed of a watertight keg, filled with black powder and a flintlock detonator which was suspended from a float (Levie). The kegsRead MoreThe Pike River Coal Mine1525 Words   |  7 Pagesresults in project management failure. An example of this is the Pike River Coal Mine tragedy which occurred on November 19th 2010 which is located on the West Coast of New Zealand, where a series of methane explosions happened resulting in the loss of 29 men’s lives and 2 survivors walking away from the explosions. This report will look into the project management failures which occurred at the Pike River Coal Mine such as not completing objectives by certain deadlines which then would lead to goingRead MoreEssay on King Solomons Mines1268 Words   |  6 Pagesblack evil doers are vanquished; peace, justice, and tranquility are returned to Kukuana land; our deserving white and pseudo-white heroes are the benefactors of the plunders of Solomon’s fabled mines; and we as readers are left thoroughly entertained. Work Cited Haggard, H. Rider. King Solomons Mines. 1989. Oxford, New York: Oxford World Classics 1998 Read MoreThe Cause and Effects of Acid Mine Drainage1699 Words   |  7 PagesThe Cause and Effects of Acid Mine Drainage INTRODUCTION Imagine going fishing on a cool Autumn day, the trees are all different shades of orange, brown and red and the birds are singing their beautiful songs, but their is a serious problem because when you arrive at the river all plant and animal life are gone. This is by no means a recent phenomenon. This is due to the effects of acid rock drainage (ARD). This is a problem that has been occurring since ancient times, but it was not untilRead MoreProject Management Failures And Its Effects On The Mine989 Words   |  4 PagesProject Management Failures The other evident failure was that the management did not address concerns that were raised in regards to high volumes of harmful gases in the mine. Pike River Coal Mine’s managers were more concerned about producing huge volumes of coal, instead of protecting their employees from avoidable accidents. For instance, reports of high methane levels were not addressed appropriately. Instead of investing in safety procedures, the managers let their employees work in a dangerousRead More The Cause And Effects Of Acid Mine Drainage Essay1712 Words   |  7 Pages The Cause and Effects of Acid Mine Drainage INTRODUCTION nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Imagine going fishing on a cool Autumn day, the trees are all different shades of orange, brown and red and the birds are singing their beautiful songs, but their is a serious problem because when you arrive at the river all plant and animal life are gone. This is by no means a recent phenomenon. This is due to the effects of acid rock drainage (ARD). This is a problem that has been occurring since ancientRead MoreResearch Report On Pike River Coal Mine Essay1829 Words   |  8 Pages In November 2010, an explosion occurred in Pike River coal mine (PRCM) that caused the death of 29 miners. It was considered as the worst incident in New Zealand after 96 years (Mussen, Dally, Watkins, Chapman, 2012). Pike River Coal Mine was set to be the largest underground coal mine in New Zealand. The explosion occurred 2 months after the mine started their operation. In this report, project management failures in Pike River mine will be discuss and the ways that it could be improved. We willRead MoreA Human-Friendly Method of Treating Acid Mine Drainage785 Words   |  3 PagesThe worldwide problem of acid mine drainage causes harm to waterways, plants, animals, and even humans. Acid mine drainage is water with a high acidity content that originates from water coming in contact with highly acidic-bearing materials in rocks. Those rocks are common in mining regions, which is why acid mine drainage is such a problem for those locations, including the coal mining region of Northe astern Pennsylvania. The water affected by acid mine drainage becomes yellow or orange in colorRead MoreEnvironmental Management Of Mining From New Acland Coal Mine2164 Words   |  9 PagesENVM3305- Environmental Management in Mining Field report- New Acland Coal Mine Name: Sà ¢mara Oliveira Student number: s4338824 INTRODUCTION The minerals are indispensable for the maintenance of industrial activity, since products such as automobiles, machinery, tractors, cement, among others, are manufactured from raw materials coming from this extraction and that these activities are often energetically dependents on certain minerals, such as coal for example. However, the mining activityRead MoreWater Quality Of The Mine Drainage Running Into The Afon Goch North998 Words   |  4 Pagesthe water quality of the mine drainage running into the Afon Goch North has meant that any remediation system must be multi-staged. Furthermore, the unique characteristics of the mine and the heavily polluted water requires an exclusive method of mediation. The treatment system outlined uses passive systems that require relatively little maintainence and have low running costs in order to be used as a long term solution to the pollution being produced. Extending the Mine Adit   Initially, the hillside

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MBA Change Management Samples for Students †

Question: Discuss about the MBA Change Management. Answer: The change management reflected upon here follows the intervention by HRM in my current organization based on gender equity in terms of selection, recruitment, promotion management and leadership in the organization whereby more females are to be included in such areas. The reflection will be directed towards three sources of resistance to this change including reluctance to lose control, preference for low levels of stimulation and novelty, and reluctance to give up old habits. The HRM received a lot of resistance coming mainly from the male counterparts occupying the leadership and management position who saw the new initiative as a threat to them losing control and giving up their old habits of leadership and management (Vuori, 2016). I remember when the HRM started this initiative, the project team came up with a raft of issues to promote many women into leadership and management positions and also to select and recruit more women into senior and executive positions. For example, the male employees-both in junior and senior positions immediately ganged up against the HR department and formed a group to thwart any attempt to have more female counterparts included in the positions they were presently holding. Their main contention was that they were used into old habits of stereotyping women. They opposed this because they were stereotyping women as less productive and those who belong to junior and casual works. Due to the fear of losing their control, they, therefore, vowed at all cost to thwart this initiative. The leadership and management positions are a preserve solely for old male who are used to old ways of doing things. They opposed the initiative because they had overwhelming preference for low levels of stimulation and novelty. They feared that young and innovative women who were proposed to be promoted into management and leadership positions would be a real threat to them and will cause them to lose jobs. This is because these positions were held by male counterparts who were only used to old style of management and they did not want to give up their deeply rooted old habits of management and leadership. They feared that the innovative women will bring in new ideas of management and leadership like collaborative and shared leadership which will mean they will have more support from the junior. This, to them, would mean them losing command and control and hence the explanation for the vehement resistance to this change initiative. Also, they feared that the women could be more productive because they would be doing this to attract promotion. This was a threat to them because males had an automatic chance of being promoted in the organization even without the need to work more productively. Thus they argued that by having more women being selected and recruited, their junior and executive positions will be under threat. This is because they would be forced to give up their old working habits and also start working hard to be promoted. And because the male counterparts had never been used to the promotion based on productivity and performance, this was a source of their opposition and resistance as they were sure that this would compel them to change their usual ancient habits. The senior management group also feared they will lose control and this was the reason they opposed the initiative. For example, currently, managers are more commandeering in the organization and have amassed a lot of control. They use their positions as a means to get supremacy titles in the organization. The junior workers fear them greatly and hence would always do anything they say even it is against the objective, goals and strategies of the organization. For this reasons, managers are feared in the organization and thus they want to retain such controls. Thus, by having more innovative women taking up senior and executive positions, these male managers fear that their commands and control will be fast-eroding. Well aware of this, the managers have vowed to resist any initiative focused at dethroning them from their controls (Winiecki, 2013). Their opposition and resistance was a great threat to the success of this change management initiative. I remember the project team having to hold frequent meetings with the management trying to convince them to adopt it but each time they would down their tools and resist. In the same vein, the male counterparts in the leadership position opposed the initiative. Their main threat was that innovative and young women have new ways of leading where the input of everyone is taken into consideration as opposed to the old habits of the current crop of male leaders in the organization. By this, the leaders are more than convinced that if this initiative is allowed, they would lose their leadership positions and hence lose control (Ceptureanu, 2015). For this reason, they had no option but to gang up and join the managers to put any obstacles that would hamper this initiative. Indeed, the male leaders even went out their ways to incite the junior male counterparts to join them in resistance telling them that they will have less opportunities to be promoted should they allow the initiative to go through. This created a serious revolt in the organization that the project team became increasingly unable to even hold meetings with the junior male employees to explain the need for the change and its potential benefits not only to the organization but even the entire workforce. Having been incited by the leadership, the junior male employees were convinced that only female will be promoted due to affirmative action that the HRM had adapted. Because, they preferred low levels of stimulation and novelty, they also vowed to resist the initiative. This was because the junior male staff were also eyeing at the few promotion slots in the organization which then could have propelled them to either leadership or management position where they could have control (Burnes, 2015). Thus they were convinced that their chance of promotion would be unlikely if the initiative was to succeed. Thus they quickly joined the already evident resisting leadership and management groups. This essence meant that the project team could not function as intended. Despite the project team explaining to them that the promotion would not be based on either gender, but the productivity or performance of each employee, they did not want to hear any of such arguments. To them, they had set their mind to oppose the change having been negatively influenced by the fellow male leaders and managers merely to selfishly defend their would-be promotions (Bareil, 2013). This was also compounded their reluctance to give up old habits whereby they had always viewed women as people who should always work under the supervision of men. The HRM had no option but to halt the initiative as the prevailing environment was never supported at all and vowed to engage in massive initial consultation with all the stakeholders before bringing the issue up again in the future. However, the women who had been employed in the organization felt much disappointed with their fellow male colleagues. They, however, vowed to pursue equity using every means possible even if it meant going to court. References Bareil, C. (2013). Two Paradigms about Resistance to Change. Organization Development Journal, 31(3). Burnes, B. (2015). Understanding resistance to changebuilding on Coch and French. Journal of Change Management, 15(2), 92-116. Ceptureanu, E. G. (2015). Survey Regarding Resistance To Change In Romanian Innovative Smes From It Sector. Journal Of Applied Quantitative Methods, 10(1). Vuori, T. (2016). Shaul Oreg and Jacob Goldenberg: Resistance to Innovation: Its Sources and Manifestations. Winiecki, J. (2013). Resistance to Change in the Soviet Economic System (Routledge Revivals): A Property Rights Approach. Routledge.